Double Page


  (H 210mm x W 296mm)

Full Page


  (H 210mm x W 148mm)

Half Page


  (H 90mm x W 130mm)

Quarter Page


  (H 90mm x w 63mm)


Remember - the Town Guide is in circulation for 2 years and 10,000 copies will be printed and distributed throughout the town.

Our rates are set to offer exceptional value for money and to ensure the town guide is produced on high gloss paper, ensuring it is reusable for the 2 year duration.
A Full page in the town guide at £265.00, works out at just £22.00 per month or £2.54p per week to get your business in front of 25,000 people. We can also offer flexible payment terms.


We can design your advert for you at no additional charge, just send us some idea of what you would like and your preferred colours. Alternatively if you already have an advert which you would like to use, please ensure it is to the correct size (shown above) and is of High Resolution at 300dpi.





"I advertise my business in the Attleborough Town Guide because it has proven time and time again to achieve the best results."


The Attleborough Town Guide is a complete success for both advertisers and readers alike.